Robot Dawn by Clifford White

Robot Dawn by Clifford White

As if rising like an phoenix from the ashes of a forgotten 1980's science fiction movie, Robot Dawn emerges with mechanical beats and pulsing rhythms combined with smooth and silky electronica, documenting the rise of the machines and our ever-increasingly technological culture. With more than a nod or two to the great-grandfathers of Synth-pop and Krautrock Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and the soundtracks of John Carpenter, this inventive album expertly blends multiple influences of electronic music into an epic tale of futuristic proportions.

Robot Dawn forms part three of the SYNERGY series, an exploration of electronic music past, present and future. Currently at four volumes, the SYNERGY series offers some of the finest electronic music available today, revealing a fresh new perspective on the nostalgic sounds and rhythms of the past fused with a vibrant and inspiring vision of the future.
Other titles in the SYNERGY series include:
The Speed of SilenceWaterworldCityscape

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