Clifford White

Clifford White
Clifford White is a creative producer with over three decades of experience in digital media. A successful music composer and producer in the 80’s, a web designer, online marketer and business owner in the 90’s and a video producer, teacher and trainer in the 00’s and beyond.

Clifford has amassed a wealth of experience, skills and talents in digital media production: from running his own recording studio, working as a senior editor and producer of the very first cover-mounted CD-ROMs for GQ, Shine and Condé Nast magazines, operating his own 9 staff business at Elstree Film Studios, and creating, collaborating, managing and developing a wealth of projects spanning every aspect of the digital space.

Clifford’s music career began in the early 80’s with his first solo album Ascension, composed and produced entirely by Clifford at the age of 17, and released in 1985 by New World Music. The album sold over 50,000 copies, establishing itself as all-time classic of the genre with it’s calm and serene tones and peaceful atmosphere.

Clifford went on to create a further 8 solo albums during this period, followed by a return to music in the mid-2000’s with a further 3 albums. His music is most closely compared to Vangelis, Mike Oldfield and Jean Michel Jarre and Clifford continues to produce music in his Hertfordshire based music studio.
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