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Waterworld by Clifford White
Exploring the lush landscapes of beautiful planets.
The Speed of Silence by Clifford White
High energy electronic music for your listening pleasure.
Robot Dawn by Clifford White
Are the robots taking over? Superb sci-fi electronica.
Cityscape by Clifford White
Chilled yet upbeat journeys through a city landscape.

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About 21st Century Music

Incredible electronic music. That's what we bring you.
Forget most of the junk that's out there.
This is the real thing.
Our music will inspire you. Uplift you. Enrich you.
Top-quality, superbly melodic, rich and full of originality.
That's 21st Century Music.
Electronic music for the next generation...!

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Ancient historical epics...

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Chillax with nature...

Aqua by Clifford White
Take a gentle journey and experience deep chillage with this album of pure liquid music refreshment.
Twilight Paradise by Clifford White
Hot tropical summers and balmy evenings abound in this ambient jazz fusion album.
The Lifespring by Clifford White
Bright, sparkling and refreshing themes reflect and refract like crystals in sunlight on this album.
Nature's Symphony by Clifford White
A four-part symphony of nature envisioned as a journey through the gardens of your memories.

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21st Century Music
Electronic music for the next generation...
21st Century Music release top-quality electronic music albums for your listening pleasure. Inspired by decades of electronica, we are dedicated to exploring the future of electronic music.
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