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Experience electric freedom with VOLT Bikes

Experience electric freedom with VOLT Bikes

Volt Bikes are a popular UK brand whose ethos centres on quality, style and simplicity. Steve Young, Sales Director of Volt Bikes briefly summarises the history and future plans for the company.

E-bikes are a concept that has been around for over a decade now and are rapidly growing in popularity across the UK and Europe as battery and motor technology advances. Volt Bikes are a popular UK brand whose ethos centres on quality, style and simplicity.

When the company began trading in 2008 there were a few other e-bikes in the UK but as a new concept they were more ‘functioning electric bikes’ than anything else. The UK market was dazzled enough with the fact that you could whizz around on a powered bicycle that required no tax or license, that little thought went into quality and style. We wanted to make something that not only gave you a thrilling ride but also looked great, would last for years to come and didn’t require a PHD in electrical engineering to maintain. We brought four models to market initially, two of which are still top sellers today. From there they developed the existing bikes over the years and have expanded the range to now include 11 different models.

Volt now sell everything from Dutch style step throughs and folding commuter bikes to smartbikes with the latest tech and fat-tyre off-roaders fit for snow, sand and mud. The bulk of their current range run on rear-hub motors with Panasonic lithium batteries and produce a single-charge range of up to 80 miles or more. These e-bikes are so popular partly because of their great multi-functionality. They can be ridden in three different ways; as a normal bicycle under pedal power alone, with motor powered pedal assistance, or on power alone from the thumb throttle.

They have also recently released the VOLT Infinity which is one of the most advanced electric smart-bikes on the market today. Shimano launched their new ‘STEPS’ crank drive motor last year and Volt were the first British brand to partner with them, incorporating the system along with their DI2 electronic gear hub and a Sony battery into the Infinity. This system uses a torque sensor in the cranks to determine how hard the rider is pedalling and then feeds back motor power to match this effort in real-time. The Shimano DI2 gear hub allows gear changes electronically at the touch of a button. The whole system works together seamlessly and can be updated by connecting to a PC when new features become available. Shimano’s most recent update allows the gears to work without any button pushing whatsoever.  They will change up or down automatically depending on speed, just like an automatic car.

So what does the future hold for Volt? Well, spring 2016 will see the release of the Metro folding bikes in a range of bright spring colour options and the introduction of the Shimano STEPS system into some of their existing rear hub range. Volt hope to be opening a European office and expanding their sales network into Europe in 2017 and beyond in the following years. In a market like e-bikes, what is a bestseller today can be quickly outdone tomorrow so remaining at the forefront of design and new technology is imperative and it seems Volt have a few tricks up their sleeve yet.

For more information please visit http://www.voltbikes.co.uk.

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