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Modal Electronics : Superb Bristol Synths

Modal Electronics : Superb Bristol Synths

Innovators of bespoke synthesizers.

The Modal Electronics 002 Previous known as the Modulus 002 is a Premium 12-Voice Hybrid Polysynth that features an extensive selection of unique innovations that brings the Analogue and Digital synthesis domains together in one incredibly powerful instrument.

002 delivers modern control and modern conveniences whilst providing a lush and opulent sound you expect from an analogue synthesizer, it features internet connectivity for cloud storage, software updates and also has the ability share sounds, sequences and settings with other Modal.002 users online.

The voice architecture of the 002 is based around subtractive synthesis, it beings with a group of very unique oscillators called NCO’s (numerically controlled oscillators), each with its own sub oscillator per voice, though the OSC’s are digital there is no DSP involved in the voice structure, so there is no aliasing or warped sound you would normally associate with DSP based synthesis.

Since the Oscillators are digitally controlled the 002 is incredibly flexible, accurate and is able to create crystal clear sounds like nothing else. NCO’s allow the individual voices stay in tune and remain completely stable throughout, this also means they can be digitally controlled and managed and since there is no fixed sample rate (unlike analogue VCO’s), the 002 is able to create a whole plethora of waveforms with 55 available onboard, ranging from the more familiar Analogue Waves to more complex Digital Wavetable timbres.

002 is able to produce twelve discrete voices of polyphony with full multi-timbrality and has a unique feature that allows the user to switch the sub oscillators individually from standard square waves, over to the wave that the main oscillator is creating, which effectively means you have a potential of a massive four oscillators per voice, 002 has controls for mixing the oscillator signals and also tweaking the amount of pulse width modulation. After the NCO’s the entire signal path is all analogue and features more unique innovations.

To find out more please visit Modal Electronics.


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