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Event Filming London

Of all the UK cities where events occur with increasing frequency, London is perhaps the most concentrated. With just a cursory glance at Eventbrite suggesting that more than 20,000 events are occurring at any one time in and around London, it is assured that many of them will pass with relatively little coverage, and oftentimes with little or no video promotion or online marketing conducted either prior to or post the event.

On the surface this would seem like a greatly missed opportunity. In comparison to the cost of staging and promoting an event in London, the relatively minimal cost of filming and editing the event would afford far greater exposure in the long term.

For live events we tend to prefer using one more Sony EX3 or EX1’s as we can capture video footage direct to the internal card for instant downloading and editing on PC or Mac. Apart from this instant transfer of files, which provides a far faster method of capture than traditional tape based cameras, one f the main additional advantages of cards are they can record for 6 hours or more, and both cameras have multiple card slots in order to achieve a simultaneous backup recording. In addition to this vital backup, we also carry several high capacity external hard drives for backing up video files during the day.

A further advantage of using multiple Sony cameras, or cameras of a similar card based recording process, is that one specific set of camera settings, including white balance, iris/aperture can be copied to the others, ensuring a smooth blend of video footage with little to distinguish one camera for another thus providing a smooth and polished video appearance. Zooms can also be pre-set.

Another advantage of using the Sony EX3’s are the rockers, which allow cameramen to zoom in and out quickly and easily, creating the juddering cinematic action shots so popular in today’s video culture. Whilst popular cameras like the C300’s, FS700’s and 5D’s without doubt produce superb images, zooming must be done within the lens, which is far a less immediate and it is consequently harder to achieve a smooth result.

In this regard, 21st Century are perfectly located to film your event. Our core team is based in London, and we are therefore available for immediate deployment in or around London to film your event.

Furthermore, if you require some assistance with your event management, you may also be interested in our Event Management training course.


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