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Event Filming 11

Live Event Video Production

Once your live event has been filmed, the editing process begins, usually utilising an editing software such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, both of which we at 21st Century are fully versed in using.

The process of live event video production begins by capturing and aligning the event clips within the editing software and synchronising this with the existing soundtrack. Video segments are then tweaked and aligned, and/or recut and replaced where best effective, and wide-angle, cutaways and audience reaction shots are added to give a smooth flow to the action and enhance the viewing experience.

Live video mixing is another one of our fortes, where the post production process can be entirely circumvented by live mixing the video streams of all cameras during the event itself. This is particularly effective when a live stream is to be broadcast via the internet. This process does require a camera for every required angle, plus several backup cameras to cover any eventualities.

Additionally, a live video mixer with a minimum of 4 SDI (Standard Definition) or HDMI (High Definition) inputs can be utilised for this process. Transitions, wipes, fades and other visual effects can be added live ‘on the fly’ and live green screen chromakeys can also be achieved, again without the need for lengthy post production process. One or more cameras are wired into a video mixer, and this output then goes out to a laptop which broadcasts directly to the internet.

Furthermore, if you require some assistance with your event management, you may also be interested in our Event Management training course.

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