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Live Event Filming London

There are many excellent venues to host events in and around central London, and perhaps as a result the city has shown a steady rise in the staging of live and corporate events over the past decade.

Live event filming in London can be a complex affair, involving teams with both creative talent and technical excellence. Since our inception in 2000, 21st Century has formed numerous bespoke teams of this nature, and our unique position as a respected training agency allows us to source the best talent at excellent rates and with guaranteed results.

For larger conferences where multiple audio streams are required, we usually employ a multitrack digital recording system, where each audio channel can be recorded separately. This allows for greater control of the mixing of individual audio streams during the post-production process.

We usually recommend hiring multiple cameras of the same make and model, to ensure that the footage captured matches across the board. This also makes the process of colour grading more straightforward, in that all videos are technically identical and grading can be applied similarly across all video footage. This again can significantly reduce the cost of the post production process.

For projects with larger budgets, we recommend the inclusion of interviews with key speakers be filmed, as these can be effectively intercut with the main footage. And if the event has sponsorships, we can include sponsor related overlays and cutaways where effective. Opening montages are also popular, incorporating music, titles and footage of your visitors arriving for the event, and these can sometimes be further augmented with a scripted narration soundtrack to introduce the event video and provide some form of continuity and storyline.

Furthermore, if you require some assistance with your event management, you may also be interested in our Event Management training course.

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