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A single event video can oftentimes be split into multiple smaller event videos for distribution via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine and so forth. Perfect for growing an online audience and for drip-feeding content in order to keep an audience engaged, and to make the most of the event video content available.

Event videos can often be edited with viral marketing principles in mind, cutting them together from the very best soundbites available. When created with care and attention, these viral videos can be more effective than their full length counterparts in capturing audience attention and engagement.

One of the trickiest aspects to live event filming is to strike the correct balance between the capturing and broadcast of quick video soundbites for social media distribution verses the longer process of a full post production edit. We are expert at striking the right balance in this regard, and we are particular adapt at strategizing the best workflow for your event videos, from creating clips that can we posted via Twitter and Facebook within minutes of filming, to full length, documentary style videos that wouldn’t look out of place on BBC2 or Channel 4.

Furthermore, if you require some assistance with your event management, you may also be interested in our Event Management training course.

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