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Event Filming 6

Event Videography

If there is an art to filming an event, Event Videography is that art. From deciding the best camera positions from which to capture an event, to configuring the lighting and sound so as to ensure the best quality of recording and result, Event Videography is a skill claimed by many but possessed by only a few.

Utilising multiple cameras allow for a greater variety of shots to be captured, which ultimately result in a more varied and entertaining video. Whilst one cameraman may take mainly steady shots, with slow zooms in and out during the course of a presentation, lecture or talk, a second cameraman may roam the auditorium capturing audience reaction footage for cutaways. A third cameraman may capture the stage from a different angle, utilising side views and cuts across the stage from either direction. Every good cameraman knows that camera cuts are at the root of the psychology of film making.

If distance for cabling is an issue, can we run a wireless feed from the mixer to the camera. One camera is often used to capture the audio, although we also recommend capturing the audio to a backup minidisk, DAT or mp3/wav audio recorder. Other cameras record audio to their microphones. One camera should be positioned straight down the middle of the auditorium, to capture the main shot, which may be a mixture of wide and mid shots.

Furthermore, if you require some assistance with your event management, you may also be interested in our Event Management training course.

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