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Whilst of course critical in itself, the capturing of your event on film is only one aspect of the production process – editing your event and adding titles and effects is another. An event video can oftentimes be easily repurposed in a variety of ways, both as full length and ‘promo’ versions, clips, snippets and teaser trailers, and these offer a route to create and distribute short, punchy and effective event videos for dissemination via popular social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. In this context, short event videos are ideal for capturing, retaining and growing your online audience.

Utilising programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects and/or Adobe Premiere Pro – all of which we are expertly familiar with – we can edit your event video to ensure that it can make the most of your social distribution channels. And by adding a voiceover and music, your event video can be repurposed and therefore reinvented in a variety of ways to make the very most of the event video footage you have available.

For the best results when using PowerPoint slides, we recommend that high-quality jpegs of the slides be supplied and used during the editing process, as this will give the sharpest and most professional end result. This does however incur a higher cost, as each slide must be imported onto the timeline and positioned correctly which, depending on the number of slides required, can be a lengthy process. Fading slides in and out, and ensuring that each slide is appropriately resized and optimised for on screen viewing can also add to the post production process and should be carefully estimated against the budget available.

When on a tighter budget, we recommend that one video camera be dedicated to capturing the PowerPoint presentation as a continuous stream, oftentimes by dialling the iris down to ensure a sharp and clear capture. This single continuous take can then be added to the main video timeline and cut to as and when required during the editing process. This significantly cuts down on the post-production time and can have a significant impact on the total budget required.

Furthermore, if you require some assistance with your event management, you may also be interested in our Event Management training course.

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