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Event Filming

Amongst the various different digital marketing services that we offer, our event filming facility ensures that your event will be filmed, edited and marketed with the highest degree of professionalism possible. With over 20 years’ experience in event filming, editing and promoting live events, we have earned an enviable track record of producing digital assets that stand the test of time, ensuring that your event remains in the forefront of people’s minds, builds your audience and ensures that your brand is reflected in the best possible light.

From conferences, live music events, technology launches and keynote speeches to private interviews with speakers, vox pops, cutaways and documentary style film making, our professional event filming team have repeatedly created lasting tangible memories of our clients live events and conferences that remain clear in the memory long after the events have concluded.

If you have been seeking to employ a reliable and creative company to film your conference seminar or live event, then please look no further than 21st Century. Why not give us a call now on 01727 827733 to discuss your requirements.

Event Video Production

The process of event filming requires the hire of certain individuals who think best on their feet, and who react quickly to situations that may arise on the spur of the moment. Oftentimes when problems arise, there is little to no time to react, and decisions must be made quickly and accurately, with little to no room for error. For this reason, 21st Century employ experienced cameramen and directors wholly familiar with the process of event filming and direction, ensuring that problems are minimised and that the resultant footage is captured succinctly and in its entirety.
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Event Filming London

Of all the UK cities where events occur with increasing frequency, London is perhaps the most concentrated. With just a cursory glance at Eventbrite suggesting that more than 20,000 events are occurring at any one time in and around London, it is assured that many of them will pass with relatively little coverage, and oftentimes with little or no video promotion or online marketing conducted either prior to or post the event.
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Live Event Filming

The process of live event filming differs significantly from all other types of film and video production, in that those responsible for capturing the essence and mood of the event must be experienced and professional enough to respond to instant changes, and to catch those ‘off camera’ moments that can often occur when least expected.
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Event Video

Whilst of course critical in itself, the capturing of your event on film is only one aspect of the production process – editing your event and adding titles and effects is another. An event video can oftentimes be easily repurposed in a variety of ways, both as full length and ‘promo’ versions, clips, snippets and teaser trailers, and these offer a route to create and distribute short, punchy and effective event videos for dissemination via popular social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. In this context, short event videos are ideal for capturing, retaining and growing your online audience.
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Event Videography

If there is an art to filming an event, Event Videography is that art. From deciding the best camera positions from which to capture an event, to configuring the lighting and sound so as to ensure the best quality of recording and result, Event Videography is a skill claimed by many but possessed by only a few.
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Event Videographer

Ask any experienced cameraman worth his salt and he will tell you that event filming can be the most challenging and taxing type of filmmaking that there is. The highest level of alertness is required, as is a technical competence second to none.
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Event Videos

A single event video can oftentimes be split into multiple smaller event videos for distribution via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine and so forth. Perfect for growing an online audience and for drip-feeding content in order to keep an audience engaged, and to make the most of the event video content available.
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Live Event Filming London

There are many excellent venues to host events in and around central London, and perhaps as a result the city has shown a steady rise in the staging of live and corporate events over the past decade.
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Live Event Video Production

Once your live event has been filmed, the editing process begins, usually utilising an editing software such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, both of which we at 21st Century are fully versed in using.
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Film Event

Whilst on the surface there might seem to be a multitude of ways to film an event, there are in fact specific guidelines that ensure an event can be filmed expertly and cost-effectively, with the minimum of fuss and disruption.
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Video Event

On occasion our clients have requested that we manage the YouTube channel for the video event, encoding and uploading videos, creating playlists, optimising the SEO keywords within video text, titles and tags, and in setting up the channel graphics and homepage layout, all of which we are happy to do for you.
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