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Desolenator transforming sunshine into water

Desolenator transforming sunshine into water

Help us develop the most affordable and environmentally friendly water purification technology ever! Desolenator will provide billions of families with the ability to turn salt water and contaminated water into pure drinking water!

Key features include:

  • high performance solar panels
  • embedded boiler and pump
  • remote monitoring system
  • food grade materials
  • robust casing and alloys
  • unit is ready for use anywhere (coastal, high TDS / contaminent / arsenic/ saline groundwater etc. scenarios)

Desolenator will provide families with the ability to turn salt water and contaminated water into pure drinking water. The technology has the potential to provide water independence for up to a billion people living in coastal and water stressed areas – using the power of the sun alone.

We take the solar radiation that hits the surface of the system and harness ALL of it. Unlike reverse osmosis systems that are expensive, have consumables and which are usually powered by fossil fuels or solar stills which have a low yield, Desolenator is robust, energy independent and has no moving parts. During its lifetime Desolenator will desalinate water at a lower cost per litre than any system at this scale available on the market today.

The capital cost of the Desolenator is a lot for many people. However as the system lasts for up to 20 years, has no consumables, no filters, needs no energy and only requires basic maintenance, this cost can be mitigated. We are looking at various business models including micro-finance, shared ownership and more. Our first systems will be embedded with remote monitoring capabilities so that end users will be able to only pay a small amount on a pay per use basis and also we can keep an eye on maintenance and servicing needs. There is not an easy answer to this but we are looking at all options to get Desolenators to families that need them most and in a way that is affordable.

Building a clean technology device is not easy and not cheap and the work on Desolenator so far has been out of pocket expenses provided by the founders. Yes we have won awards, and yes we have a well functioning prototype, however we need your help to accelerate the development and start getting Desolenators out there to people who need them most. It is also about building our community. Crowdfunding gives us a global platform to educate people about the water crisis humanity is facing and a way to channel their energies to do something about it.

For more information visit their Indiegogo page.



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