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Cocoon: Complete home security from one device

Cocoon: Complete home security from one device

The Cocoon is a multi-software device that will secure your home though motion sensing and a camera that will send an alert to your smartphone automatically and effortlessly keep you safe.

Cocoon combines HD Camera, Motion Detection & SUBSOUND™ Technology to sense activity throughout your home, all controlled through your smartphone so you can take action and feel safe.

Cocoon learns who should and shouldn’t be there. There’s no need to set it when you come and go and it learns what’s normal for your home to avoid false alarms.

One Cocoon can protect a whole home. Our unique SUBSOUND™ Technology senses activity in other rooms and on other floors without the need for any additional sensors.

Cocoon is pet-friendly and tunes itself to your environment to avoid false alarms so you can trust it to know when to alert you.  With Cocoon, you can check in on your home at any time.Whether you’re at home, at the office, or lazing by the pool, Cocoon is with you. With intelligent notifications and HD video on your smartphone, Cocoon lets you see when something’s wrong and control the response. Sound the siren, call the Police or a neighbour – you decide.

There’s no need to set it as you come and go, Cocoon uses smartphone location to know who’s at home. Cocoon has no sensor batteries to replace and you can take it with you when you move.

Cocoon gives you the peace of mind that your whole home is safe without lots of boxes and detectors, it’s clever enough to know who should and shouldn’t be there. Cocoon learns your schedule to activate protection whilst you sleep and with night-vision you can rest easy knowing that it was just a ‘bump’ in the night.

We believe that home security should be simple and accessible to everyone. Cocoon packs all the security you need into one small package.

Each Cocoon contains everything needed to keep your home and loved ones safe. No extra sensors. No installation. Putting people at the centre of home security.

Cocoon’s SUBSOUND™ technology profiles infrasound and audible sound waves to create a protective ‘cocoon’ inside your home. SUBSOUND™ allows Cocoon to detect activity well beyond the room you place it in, through walls and on other floors.

The study of low frequency sounds (below 20Hz) outside the range of human hearing, or ‘infrasonics’ has long been used by seismologists for earthquake detection and geologists to study rock formations deep within the earth.

The same technology used to detect shock waves travelling through the planet can now be used to detect movement throughout your home.

With built-in machine learning, Cocoon understands what activity in your home is normal, so when an unusual event occurs you can be alerted and take action.

When you’re at home, Cocoon indicates remote viewing by another user with sound and pulsing LED. Remote viewing can be easily disabled until you go out, so you’re always in control.

Cocoon only pushes video to your smartphone if there is an unusual event detected or you request it, meaning everything stays locally (in your home) unless it absolutely needs to be uploaded.

Video and other data is encrypted both at rest and during transmission (256-bit AES) and decryption keys are only held on your registered mobile devices for added protection. Our cloud never sees your encryption keys, guaranteeing that your data can never be leaked.

We have working prototypes running in our alpha testers’ homes including the SUBSOUND™ detection and learning software and a functional version of our mobile app.

We have identified and are working with our UK manufacturing partners. Cocoon’s enclosure is designed and has been produced. Our electronics Bill of Materials (BOM) is complete and our first PCB design with production components is in testing.

We will soon begin work on

  • PCB validation and testing
  • Design for manufacture
  • Supply chain setup
  • User experience design
  • Completion of our software feature set including setup process

In short, we have prepared our technology, or core team is in place and we are ready to execute on our go-to-market plan.

For more information visit their Indiegogo page.


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