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Dr Leigh Michael Howarth: Marine biologist at Bangor University

Dr Leigh Michael Howarth: Marine biologist at Bangor University

Dr Leigh Michael Howarth is marine biologist with extensive experience in leading expeditions, public speaking, lecturing and environmental campaigning. In the past three years alone, he has conducted over 350 scientific dives in UK waters, and has gained over 840 hours working at sea on scientific research vessels.

Discovering the underwater world was a major turning point in his life and has been the focus of his career ever since. Following his passion, he undertook a degree in Ecology at The University of East Anglia, which led him to complete a Masters in Marine Environmental Management at The University of York, before being awarded a Doctorate at the same institution. He is now an established researcher working at the highly regarded School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University.

To date, Leigh’s research has covered everything from fisheries management to the mating and feeding behaviour of manta rays. He is not afraid of multi-disciplinary research and has combined approaches from marine biology, agriculture and even artificial intelligence. He is, perhaps, most known for his research on Marine Protected Areas and scallop fisheries. Likewise, his research which documented the global transformation underway in the ocean at present – from complex ecosystems supporting a range of species, to more simplified ones becoming increasingly dominated by invertebrates – has also gained international attention.

In addition to research, Leigh has also proven himself to be an exceedingly capable, innovative and enthusiastic public speaker and educator. He is also highly comfortable out of academic settings, having worked with many environmental organisations and charities over the years.


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