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Julian Snape : Teacher, Futurist and co-founder of the Transhumanist Association

Julian Snape : Teacher, Futurist and co-founder of the Transhumanist Association

Julian Snape is a Futurist, Technology teacher, and co-founder of the UK Transhumanist Association and Technovation Anglia.

Julian Snape (Cert Ed) has been at the cutting edge of technology for all of his thirty year professional life. He began using remote sensing technology to assess flood damage with the Severn Trent Water Authority, then spent many years selling and marketing Apple Computers and Laser Printers from the time they had just introduced the Windows and Mouse interface.

In recent years he has been an I.T. Manager with a major book distribution company implementing advanced Customer Management systems and developing an eBook project.

He is a fully qualified teacher of technology and taught I.T. at the College of West Anglia. He has also been an active futurist for over twenty years co-founding the UK Transhumanist Association, a futurist organisation dedicated to examining and promoting the positive use of technology for society. He is an active member of London Futurists and Consultant to the Transpolitica Think Tank.

He has been involved with 3D printing for over five years first acquiring and building RepRap and Velmann printers and now uses an UP! Mini 3D Printer for demonstrations. He started Technovation Anglia at the start of 2015 to assist local business to get to grips with the large number of new technologies starting to impact commercial marketplaces in the UK with a combination of consultancy and education.

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