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Ivor Kellock : Change champion and business futurist

Ivor Kellock : Change champion and business futurist

Ivor Kellock is a champion of change and business futurist.

Ivor Kellock is a champion of change. Drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience in a wealth of areas from financial management, sales and PR, social media marketing and wealth management, to his personal passions for health, personal growth, community change and inequality, Ivor is a force to be reckoned with.

During his recent broadcast appearances he addresses issues of economic inequality and has appeared on Press TV and other channels. His career has been wide-ranging and eclectic, from sales coaching, training and prospecting, he is no stranger to the coalface of selling.

His current passions lie in the areas of alternative currencies, community change and hyperlocal activisim. He is business development manager for 21stcentury.co.uk and will soon be presenting 21st Century Money, a new show on 21CTV.

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