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Web Design Services

Web Design Services

An introduction to 21st Century's web design services.

Believe it or not, we originally started building websites back in the mid 1990’s. It is ironic to reflect that in those days we actually needed to explain what a website was for, and why anyone should want one. We certainly don’t have to do that anymore! We began with building simple static HTML websites, by hand of course, and a few years later with the help of Dreamweaver, Adobe’s web authoring program, which helped lighten the load as our business grew. Hand-coding was still very much required though, especially when the database technologies of asp and php started to kick-in, during which time we specialised in custom made e-commerce solutions and shopping carts for a variety of clients. We were also early adopters of Flash (back when it was owned by ‘Shockwave’) and ran a profitable sideline producing new media products for some of the biggest publishers of the time, including Conde Nast.

In the past four years of business, we have struggled to find a competent and efficient web development company to assist us in the intricacies of web site development. We were therefore delighted to have met Clifford White and his team from 21st Century New Media Ltd. Within a very short space of time they have proved to be reliable, extremely helpful and are already considered a vital addition to our team.Alex Nicolaou, Origin 1

Nowadays for web design, we tend to stick to using WordPress, which as you probably already know, is a very versatile and powerful website building platform. Saying that, it need securing, as it can be so easily hacked, and it can also break much more readily than you might think, especially when a new version of WordPress is released that doesn’t quite work with your theme. Plugins are also regularly updated, and again these can clash with theme functions, so in some ways the process of maintaining a website is just as fraught as it ever was! We are of course here to help, and offer a variety of design, customisation and maintenance options to fit your pocket. We are also expert trainers, and can show you how to get the most from WordPress itself, as well as teach you the principles and application of SEO and internet marketing, so crucial to the success of your website.

Big thanks to Clifford White, who proactively initiated and designed this recreation! Along with all his TV production work he is a web designer and also trains people in it. The site is created in WordPress meaning it’s super easy for me to amend content, add pages & blogposts etc.Rachel Elnaugh, Dragons Den

In brief, our website design services include (in roughly this order):

Consultancy: so often overlooked, so important for your business. We discuss and plan your website down to the finest detail.

Strategy: if you are looking for a website that will actually generate leads and enquiries for your business, your website framework and SEO should be researched and mapped thoroughly first. We work with you closely on this process.

Build: in most cases, we will build your website in WordPress, although sometimes Drupal, Joomla or Magento might be required, for which we project manage with a specialised digital partner to build the specific website you require.

Test: it’s not usually a good idea to launch a website that hasn’t been thoroughly tested. We adopt a testing schedule to ensure the website will work smoothly from day one.

Marketing: as previously mentioned, we teach the principles of SEO and internet marketing on a regular basis, but you may also want to look in detail at social media, video marketing, email marketing and other areas – perhaps even an encapsulation of all of these things within one of our integrated marketing packages.

The above is of course somewhat of an over-simplification, as several of these subjects break down into subdivisions (e.g. build also includes web hosting, email etc) but you should get the general idea. To find out more, or to discuss your project in detail, please call us on 01727 827733 or send us an email.

Many thanks to you and you team for coming up with a look for my new website. I was looking for a very simple site with a clean look and that is exactly what I have. I would have no hesitation in using you again and recommending you to others.Isobel Bradley

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