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Video Production Services

Video Production Services

An overview of 21st Century's video production services.

We have always had a passion for film, and have been producing both long and short form video content since the early 80’s. We can remember when a film cartridge lasted only 4 minutes, and you didn’t even know what you had until you got it back from Dixons! Of course, technology has come a long way since then, but in many ways the same film making principles apply. A film has to be engaging, professionally shot, with a well crafted soundtrack and expertly edited. Whatever is being filmed – be it a movie, documentary, music video or viral – we take our craft very seriously, and routinely go that extra mile to ensure that our final output has a spit-and-polish that rivals any production – no matter what the budget.

Although we have produced almost every kind of video there is, nowadays we tend to focus on the following areas of specialisation:

Event Filming

Believe it or not, it’s not an easy thing to film an event an achieve a truly professional result. Sure, it’s simple to point a camera, but so often the end result falls far short of shareholder expectations. Our dedicated event production team have decades of experience filming events, both at conferences and music festivals, and always ensure that the images they capture are engaging and immersive, and the sound clear and expertly balanced.

> Click here to read more about our event filming services.

Interviews & Chat Shows

We really enjoy creating episodic content for interview based chat shows: our HIDDEN SCIENCE series for web TV YouTube channel The People’s Voice was the most popular series on the channel, and our Creative Herts interview series is back next year for another run. Chat shows are especially popular for our clients, primarily because their low-cost, and we now operate a dedicated studio in St Albans, Hertfordshire primarily for the purpose of filming these types of shows, at manageable budgets for all of our clientèle.

Product Promotions & Demonstrations

Increasingly popular on YouTube, our product demonstrations and promotional videos ensure that our clients products are discovered by as wide an audience as possible. When required, we are able to source expert product demonstrators, although on most occasions we find it is better to train up those most knowledgeable about a particular product in the art of presenting. In any event, our product demonstration videos are expertly filmed and cut, with a fast but enjoyable pace, and our subsequent post-production marketing services ensure that the videos reach their target audience at minimal expense.


We love backing a good cause, and have in recent years become well known for our exposé style documentaries, especially Resonance – Beings of Frequency and Strawman – The Nature of the Cage, both of which are now clocking in excess of 100,000 views on YouTube.

> Click here to read more about our documentaries.

For more information, or to discuss a video project you may have in mind, why not call us 01717 827733 or email us.


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