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Web Design & Digital Marketing Training Courses

Web Design & Digital Marketing Training Courses

Our web design and digital marketing courses offer a variety of subjects designed to help you gain a quick and practical understanding of the subject given. We have over a decade of experience teaching these topics.

HTML and CSS Introduction

HTML Training CoursesLearn how to code HTML and CSS from the ground up in this one day intensive course. HTML is the backbone to the internet, and an understanding of how it works and how to write it, is essential when using any CMS (Content Management System) or even when writing raw code. This course explains all of the basics, and gets you started on writing your own HTML & CSS.

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It completely demystified html and gave me the confidence to progress further.Sarah, The Body Shop International

WordPress Introduction

WordPress Introduction Training CourseAfter a few years head-to-head with Joomla and Drupal, WordPress has now pushed ahead as the worlds No. 1 favourite CMS (Content Management System) platform of choice. This course shows you how easy it is to setup WordPress, how to get the configuration right, and how to find your way around the system, as well as many top tips to help explain how best to use WordPress, and some of the vital plugins you need to make the process easier.

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Very comprehensive for a one day course, now have a better understanding of the potential of WP.Linford, University of Gloucestershire

WordPress Advanced

WordPress Advanced Training CourseAn in depth look at the wide variety of plugins, our WordPress Advanced courses examines all of the ways in which WordPress can be enhanced and expanded upon. Including: plugins for security, for social media, for productivity and more, this one day course ensures that you are aware of all the ways in which the standard install of WordPress can be made even more effective and powerful.

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All in all a very thorough run through the more advanced features of WordPress and a look at what can be achieved through the system.Justin, Macmillan Education

WordPress and Woocommerce

WordPress and Woocommerce Training CourseThe most popular plugin for e-commerce, Woocommerce allows you to turn a standard WordPress installation into an all-singing all-dancing e-commerce storefront, allowing both physical and digital download so be sold within one purchase. Our one day course covers the best ways to set-up and configure your store.

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Excellent course.Each part of the course very carefully explained and worked through. Many Thanks.David, Seetec (Luton)

Internet Marketing and SEO

SEO Training CoursesEvery business needs a plan, and when it comes to on-line business, that plan must encompass the best tools and platforms that the digital world provides. This course explores those tools, highlighting and explaining how to best utilise techniques such as SEO and social media to enhance traffic to your website and increase your band awareness.

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I was totally satisfied with the course and the techniques i learnt. The tutor was brilliant, and the information was invaluable! Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get into SEO and Websites.Daniel, Toshiba

Social Media

Social Media Training CoursesFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great for networking, but how exactly to you utilise these platforms to drive traffic and generate sales. This one day intensive course examines these three platforms in details, providing real world examples and hands-on exercises designed to help you think strategically about your business and how best to manage your on-line marketing campaigns.

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A comprehensive overview on social media platforms Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. The trainer was extremely professional and absolutely clear in her explanations and able to answer all questions that we offered up.Lucy, Cornerstone Communications

Google AdWords

Google AdWords Training CoursesUsing the Google Adwords advertising system can be a complex and confusing process, and money can easily be wasted without a thorough understanding of how best to utilise the tools provided to maximise your campaigns. This course dispels much of the confusion to the process, provising clear examples and a coherent path towards the mastery of this sophisticated marketing platform.

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Outstanding. More than I could have hoped for. Absolutely excellent trainer who really took the time to understand our business, resulting in valuable advice to help take our Adwords Account forward. Highly recommended.Liz, The Open University

Web Business

Web Business Training CoursesThis one day course provides you with a comprehensive overview of how to run an on-line business. From SEO strategy to e-commerce, through social media marketing to the more conventional aspects of running a business, this course helps clarify the process and dispel many of the myths of running your own on-line business.

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A Very Informative and eye opening day. Recommended. Good grounding knowledge obtained. Thank You.Richard, Philip Stannard Associates Ltd

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Training CoursesAdobe Photoshop is considered by many to be the most sophisticated and refined graphics package currently available. Buy how does one quickly master the plethora of functions and methods by which graphic artists can achieve professional results? This course teaches many of the fundamental techniques of using Photoshop, ensuring that you will be well on your way to mastering this powerful software.

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Great to get to grips with the basics so I can now go home and play!Katherine, University of Hertfordshire

YouTube and Viral Video

Viral Video & YouTube Training CourseThis one day course takes you into the heart of YouTube with an examination of the Viral video phenomenon, and how you can conceive, script and produce your very own professional viral videos.

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Great!James Malley, Open University

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