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Technology Training Courses

Technology Training Courses

A range of brand new, technology inspired training courses are coming soon to 21st Century...

Technology Training Courses

Our forthcoming range of technology training courses expand on our popular media courses and web courses with a new category of training courses guaranteed to bring you fully up-to-date with the latest cutting-edge technologies and techniques.

Robotics : Build & Test

Ever wanted to build and control your own robot? Our robot training course takes you through the process with practical examples and a specific focus on learning how to program your own robot to perform tasks.

360° Film Production

Learn all about this exciting new genre of filming in our 360° filming training course, which combines the immersive experience of Virtual Reality with traditional film making techniques.

VR Game Design : Create VR Games

Virtual Reality is set to explode in 2016 with the release of the long awaited and much anticipated Oculus Rift. Our forthcoming VR training course will teach how how to create virtual environments and immersive games for this exciting new platform.

3D Printing Techniques

Learn the fundamentals of this new technology and how you can best design and print your own creations in our 3D printing training course, which also includes a comprehensive guide to choosing a 3D printer from the myriad of options currently available.

Drones : Build & Fly

Build and fly your own aerial photography and filming drone in this exciting drone training course that shows you how best to control a drone to achieve superb aerial shots for music videos, documentaries and film making purposes.

Music Production

A series of courses aimed specifically at music producers, our forthcoming range of music production training courses will include a Logic Pro X training course, an Ableton Live training course (utilising the latest Novation launchpad controllers) and an audio recording course with the Zoom R24.

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