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Media, TV & Film Training Courses

Media, TV & Film Training Courses

Since 2006, we have taught a range of comprehensive media, film, TV and video courses to businesses both large and small including the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV.

Film Making Fundamentals

Film Making Training CourseLearn the art of digital film making in our intensive film making fundamentals course, a day of detailed instruction in the process of quality film production for any purpose. Beginning with an examination of the latest functionality from modern digital film cameras, the course progresses into a hands-on practical film making workshop, including the setup, lighting and filming of an interview, demonstrating how you can best prepare, light and film your subject.

Click here to find out more about our Film Making Fundamentals training course.

The course has opened my eyes. I would happily recommend to friends. Spot on!Rob, Endemol Sport


Photography Training CoursesMaster the nuances of the photographic process with our one day Photography course, which takes you though the latest functions and settings of modern digital cameras, showing you how best to utilise your camera to take clear, expressive and professional looking photographs. Taught by an industry specialist with decades of experience.

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The tutor explained the basics of Photography very well which has given me a better understanding. very friendly and answered all questions and queries.Rita, TUI Travel PLC

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X Training CoursesApple’s industry standard video editing software package allows you to quickly create professional looking films in record time. This course brings you fully up-to-speed with the editing process, which has become more streamlined and with a faster workflow in the Pro X version…

Click here to find out more about our Final Cut Pro X training course.

Excellent course – very clear teaching of a whole range of issues. I know when booking the course content was a lot – was amazed at how quickly the tutor smoothly ran from one topic and covered such a wide area. Thanks a lotSandra, Windsor Boys School

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Training CoursesAdobe’s video editing package, available for both Mac and PC users, is a firm favourite with video producers and editors world-wide. Our comprehensive one day course takes you through the program, showing you a variety of ways for you to quickly and effectively edit your video to produce professional results.

Click here to find out more about our Adobe Premiere Pro training course.

Well presented and informative. Lots of useful tips which will definitely help with video editing in the future.Geoff, Fulham Football Club

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects Training CoursesAdobe’s visual effects program is a unique and powerful software that allows you to create effects that can look as professional as any big budget production. From 2D and 3D animations, particle effects and green screen keying, Adobe After Effects is a powerful and cost-effective software for all your visual effect needs.

Click here to find out more about our Adobe After Effects training course.

I was amazed at how fast I got working with After Effects. I feel I can now go away and discover the software more and develop my understanding even further.Graham, Doncaster College

Green Screen Techniques

Green Screen Training CoursesLearn how to master the dark art of Chromakey with our one day intensive guide to the process of filming green screen. Looking at both conventional methods of green screen (cloth, paper and vinyl) to the latest Chromatte screens (which aren’t even green!) our green screen course ensure that you are fully versed in the process of filming green screen for use in your productions.

Click here to find out more about our Green Screen training course.

I learnt a lot about the placement of lighting which I found invaluable.Stuart, Cranfield University

Final Cut Pro 7

Final Cut Pro 7 Training CoursesApple’s previous version of the industry standard video editing package is still popular with many effects houses and film production companies, and we are one of the few training companies to still support and teach this software. Different in many key ways from the Pro X version, Final Cut Pro 7 is still a firm favourite with film producers, and our one, two and three day courses ensure you are made fully conversant with the software.

Click here to find out more about our Final Cut Pro 7 training course.

I thought the course was extensive and well thought out. The hardware and software were great.Isolde, Pan Macmillan

Film & TV Scriptwriting

TV & Film Scriptwriting Training CoursesLearn the key methods of film script production in this enjoyable and informative two day workshop. Discuss and refine your writing skills in the guidance of a tutor with decades of experience producing film and television scripts. Improve your ability to devise solid plots, act structures and ultimately how best to construct scripts that look professional.

Click here to find out more about our TV and Film Scriptwriting training course.

The course was an excellent introduction to screenwriting for television and cinema. The 2-day course covered all the crucial elements, and I now know the next steps I need to take to write me screenplay.Keya, Chadpur Press

Comedy Scriptwriting

Comedy Scriptwriting Training CoursesOur one day comedy scriptwriting course focuses in on the art of writing comedy scripts: how best to create and enliven your characters, create situations that are by their nature funny, and how best to put together a plot structure that works in the context of modern television and film production.

Click here to find out more about our Comedy Scriptwriting training course.

The course provides a very good foundation to comedy scriptwriting. the best part of the course is Phil’s clear motivation and experience within and for the industry a whole.Bobbie, BSkyB

An introduction to the TV & Film Industry

TV & Film Industry Training CoursesThis useful course provides a comprehensive overview of the British TV and film industries, helping gain a greater understanding of the job roles available, and how you can most effectively pitch yourself, giving you the very best chance to secure the role you want.

Click here to find out more about our TV and Film Industry training course.

I have been very impressed with the tv and film course, the Tutor was amazing and I would love to come back in the future and do either script writing or the comedy writing or even editing. xxxxMaria, Princes Trust

YouTube Video Production & Viral Video

Viral Video & YouTube Training CourseViral video and YouTube production is all the rage: but how can one best enlist cost-effective video production techniques to take advantage of the YouTube phenomenon? Our one day course takes you through the main aspects of a viral video, discussing and demonstrating how you can produce videos that will maximise your chances of hitting that viral sweet spot, become popular and be shared with millions worldwide.

Click here to find out more about our Viral Video and YouTube training course.

Really enlightening and inspiring and it highlighted how straightforward some things actually are when you have insight to how they are achieved. Knowledge is (em)power(ing). I’m looking forward to putting some of my new found knowledge in to practice. 🙂Corina Best, Hertsmere Borough Council & Heartless Creatives

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Training CoursesLearn this industry standard photographic and image effect software, that allows you to edit and improve your photographs and create web and print graphics with the highest quality results. Our one and two day Photoshop classes are popular and regular workshops helping you master this sophisticated and flexible software package.

Click here to find out more about our Adobe Photoshop training course.

Great to get to grips with the basics so I can now go home and play!Katherine, University of Hertfordshire

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