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Digital Marketing Training Courses

Digital Marketing Training Courses

Encompassing a variety of on-line methodologies and platforms, our Digital Marketing courses show you how to expose your brand to the widest possible audience, utilising a variety of low cost tools and techniques.

Internet Marketing and SEO

SEO Training CoursesDevising a strategy for your website that will generate the maximum amount of visitor traffic is the goal of our Internet Marketing and SEO course. In this course we guide you though all of the main methods of Internet Marketing, examine the most effective, and help you devise coherent guidelines to maximise your on-line presence.

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This is the second course I have attended and, as before it has been excellent. All objectives were met and exceeded.Ben, TimePlan Education Ltd

Social Media

Social Media Training CoursesSocial Media is of course the best way to stay connected on-line. But how can one most effectively utilise social media platforms to promote your business and generate sales? Our social media training course takes you through a set of exercises that help you pinpoint the most effective strategy for utilising social media to maximise your business.

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Very informative, easy to understand and I feel that I am much better equipped to use Social Media now!Lucy, Lovetts Chartered Accountants

Google AdWords

Google AdWords Training CoursesGoogle AdWords is a complex beast, without the understanding of which can result in hundreds of pounds spent with little to show for it. Our Google AdWords course takes you through the fundamentals of the process, and how you can best utilise the Google advertising system to promote your business, generate leads and close sales.

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Fantastic day, was easily able to answer any and all questions we asked and have gained a strong understanding of the program.Thomas, The Open University

Web Business

Web Business Training CoursesOur web business course is a whistle-stop tour to running an on-line business, from devising and setting up your website, creating effective on-line marketing campaigns, managing your technical and security requirements and to how best to ensure that your on-line business ultimately succeeds.

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Really enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal that will be useful in my job. Cliff was very knowledgable, explained the concepts clearly and dealt well with questions.John, BIS

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