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Press & Reviews

Press & Reviews

21stcentury.co.uk was originally launched in 1999 and was reviewed by many popular magazines and websites.

Originally launched in 1999 to herald the dawn of the new millennium, 21stcentury.co.uk was nationally recognised in the early 00’s as a UK innovation and technology news portal, and was featured heavily in popular magazines and news periodicals throughout the first decade of the 21st century…

Computer Active Web Guide Winter 2000

21stcentury.co.uk wins best site in the Science and Nature category
Computer Active Web Guide Winter 2000

Click image for larger version21stcentury.co.uk reviewed in the Computer Active Web Guide

Practical Internet Magazine

Double page spread in Practical Internet Magazine Xmas 2000

Click image for larger version
21stcentury.co.uk reviewed in Practical Internet Magazine

.Net Magazine

21stcentury.co.uk was repeatedly voted top technology website in .net magazine’s top 100

Click image for larger version
21stcentury.co.uk voted in .Net Top 100 Websites

In addition to TV, magazine and newspaper coverage, 21stcentury.co.uk partnered with the Tomorrows World Live Exhibition, running a series of competitions to promote the show, and secured a stand at the event to promote the 21stcentury.co.uk website.

Tomorrows World Live

21stcentury.co.uk MD Clifford White with inventor
Trevor Baylis at Tomorrows World Live 2001

Clifford White & Trevor Baylis

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21st Century Stats

Originally launched: 1999.

Relaunched: January 1st, 2016.

Contributors: 70 contributors including futurists, engineers, teachers, writers, 23 doctors and 7 professors.

Created by: Clifford White.

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